The River Spirit / 渋谷川魂

Empathic Urban Reconfiguration in Tokyo

Guided by the question of how an invisible and underutilized urban asset can reemerge as a multifaceted agent through the emphatical reconfiguration of space, this work examines the network effects of an urban stream in Tokyo, Japan. Following a thorough analysis, this project seeks to uncover the hidden potentials, concerns, and needs of the entire river basin. To achieve a sustainable state of harmony between the river and its surroundings, a metabolistic approach will examine the system as a whole and develop a resilient, community-driven strategy, which embraces uncertainty and encourages the interplay of natural and urban realms. The complexity of the subject matter will be treated emphatically by respecting the rules of the river and giving it back its voice and autonomy. Through low-threshold, co-creative, and cascading design processes, as well as a novel take on the governance structure, the results of the work can leave a lasting impression on the quality of life and the resilience of the community.

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Shibuya-gawa Monster

Shibuya-gawa Monster is an urban planning proposition for the Shibuya-river basin area in Tokyo that aims to reinterpret the governance structure with bottom-up co-creation processes in mind in order to achieve social, environmental, and technical resilience.  


ヴォルフラム マイナー / ピノ ヘーエ



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